Saturday, January 20, 2007

Nothing new today

I was going to be good and try some more samples and review them.....but I have a cold. So I'm just wearing "comfort" scents. Can't eat comfort foods cause I'm on a diet. And my back hurts. And it's FREEEEEEZING outside!!! The tree in my back yard is bent almost to the ground under the weight of the ice caked on it. Poor thing.

Anybody seen that cartoon where the old guy is standing there on a sidewalk wearing dark glasses and holding a tin cup, a cane, and dragging a seemingly dead dog (laying on its' back) by a leash? It's captioned "I am blind and my dog is dead." Man, that just cracks me up every time I think about it. Except when it's the way I feel. Like today. Okay, enough whining. I'm going to bed.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Whew, a couple of days off!

I kinda suck at this blog thing. I never was good at keeping a diary either. But in my defense, my work schedule has been baaaaad. I was scheduled to work six straight 10-hour shifts, but people who work in hospitals get sick too and call in, so I actually went in early a few of those days to help cover the absences so some days were closer to 12 hours. And when that happens, I mostly go to work, go to bed, and repeat. Man, we got some REALLY sick people around here.

But anyway, on to the important things in life.... perfumes. A hectic work schedule doesn't interfere with putting perfume on. Please keep in mind that my reviews will be very simplistic. I don't have a good grasp of all the notes yet, so these are just impressions.

1. Le Parfum de Therese - Frederic Malle. This is one that I had really been wanting to try so when I sprayed it on, at first I was disappointed. It's really tart, almost sour fruit. But then the sour wanes and after a while I smell rose and pepper. I really like that part...Hmm, maybe I should revisit Paestum Rose. But I digress. Then it goes back to the fruit and that's all I really smell but it's nice. While I'm wearing it, I like it okay but I'm not totally in love. And then I find myself thinking about it while I'm wearing something else. So this must really appeal to me subconsciously. I'm not sure that's enough to get me to buy a full bottle for myself. Have you looked at the price of this stuff? Sheesh!!!

2. Soavissima - Profumum. Not just no, but hell no. I'm sure this will fall into the category of too much information, but I have from to time skipped washing my hair for a day or so too long. And no, not if I'm leaving the house. I stay at home when I'm disgusting. And I had read that talcum powder helps absorb oil on the scalp. So you have dirty hair with powder rubbed through it. That's what this perfume smells like.

3. Jolie Madame - Balmain. Mmmm, I really like this one. It opens with violet (a nice violet, not like some I've smelled that are really strong and sharp), and then dries down to a soft, not-too-sweet leather scent. It doesn't last terribly long, but boy does it smell good while it's there. And guess what? You can buy it at discount so it's very affordable and you can spray all you want! Thanks to Sweet Diva for sending me this sample. I will definitely be buying myself a bottle.

4. Miel de Bois - Serge Lutens. Thanks again to Sweet Diva for this one. I had read that this was a love it or hate it scent. Well, I like it. I don't love it and probably won't buy a whole bottle but I do appreciate it. Luckily, I get no cat-pee smell from this. Of course, I don't have a cat and have never had a cat, so it may just be from lack of exposure. I'm a dog person (a tiny, foofy little dog person right now, but big dogs are cool too). Miel de Bois opens with honey and various woods on me. Now, honey can tend to have a peepee note to it, but I find that fades pretty quickly. This dries down to pure woods on me, no sweetness at all. If there were some sweet, it might be a real keeper, but it's a little harsh as is. Maybe layered with something to lend a hint of sweetness? Hey, I just had a thought! I'll try it with Clair de Musc! BTW, both my daughter and the other tech I worked with the night I wore this really liked it. My daughter actually followed me to the door to find out what I was wearing.

And that was my weekend at work! Oh, and it's not perfume, but this is my blog so I can branch out if I want, my house smells so good! I've been burning the Firewood candle from Henri Bendel home collection and I'm really loving it. I wish this was a perfume. It smells like a fire burning one of those fruity sweet woods and I just hover and breathe in.