Friday, June 22, 2007

Still Here!

Time again for my once-a-month post! I just don't have as much to say as I thought would when I started this. Kudos to all you fabulous bloggers who post daily - or even regularly! I'm about to leave on vacation, going to Los Angeles for several days. My daughter has been out there for the whole month dancing at The Edge and I'm flying out there and then driving back with her, all 1200 miles. Soooo not looking forward to that driving part! But I AM looking forward to seeing her in a few of her classes because she is so very talented and since she graduated from high school, the opportunities for me to actually see her perform have been few and far between. And while I'm on the subject of dancing, I am so glad that So You Think You Can Dance is back on. I do believe this is my favorite reality show. All of those kids are so good, the choreography is (for the most part) of very high quality, they have interesting music and I just LOOOOOOVVVE dance!!! Maybe even more than perfume, but it's really too close to call. Here's a clip of my favorite dance this week.

I fully intend to shop when I get there. We will absolutely visit the ScentBar, the Farmer's Market and The Grove, maybe the Beautyhabit store, Barney's, hopefully we will have time to go down to Costa Mesa to the South Coast Plaza, whatever else we have time for before or after the daughters' classes....

Hey, and look! The Droop is growing up!

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