Sunday, April 29, 2007

So Many Perfumes!!!

It's been forever since I updated here, but I guess it's okay since I'm the only one who reads it! My time has been consumed lately with my newest addiction, swapping on MakeupAlley. I only thought I had lots of samples and decants before - now I literally have no place to put all the things I'm receiving. Many of my lovely samples are still in the boxes in which I received them, when I want to try a particular one, I have to stop and think where I got it from to know which box to look in. I've got to find a system!

I have discovered that I love the house of Balmain. A while back I posted about Jolie Madame, now I have fallen in love with Vent Vert and Miss Balmain also. Vent Vert just makes me so happy I can hardly stand myself. I am indeed a green note ho. It's bright and sharp yet smooth and just really lovely. One of the listed notes is galbanum and I believe I've loved everthing I've tried with that. Miss Balmain is more girly, with gardenia, citrus, coriander, jasmine, rose and amber. I can't really provide a good description of it because I don't necessarily smell those notes, it's very well blended and just smells yummy and sunny! Now I need to seek out more Balmains, because I have so much room for them... And on a side note, these are the longest lasting EDT's I've ever tried!

Now to my latest discovery. Bath & Body Works Temptations Iced Tea Twist shower gel. I have taken three showers since yesterday afternoon just so I can smell it some more. I keep hanging out in the bathroom because the smell lingers there. I'm sitting here waiting for the mall to open so I can go buy the lotion and home fragrance oil. It's absolutely wonderful! It's a very simple smell, just like fresh-brewed ice tea with lemon in it and they captured it exactly. I want to fill up the tub with it and just sit in it forever. I'm trying to decide how many more bottles of the shower gel to get. They usually just make these things for a short time and I'm trying to balance how long the stuff will stay good against ummm....the rest of my life!

Our new baby has also been keeping me busy. We named him Rupert and he has already become an invaluable part of the household. He's the rowdiest little thing and a complete mess, will chew on anything that he can reach, so we have to constantly watch him so he doesn't damage himself. The other two hueys keep an eye on him too, but they don't always know what's dangerous because sometimes they're troublemakers too! Want to see another picture of him? Good, because here he is!

You see all those cords? I've moved them since then :)


Abigail said...

Hello, I'm just bouncing through the internet looking for ways to keep busy and I want to say... CUTE PUPPY!

Gail S said...
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Gail S said...

Reposting my comment to Abigail, because I am an idiot!

Hi Abigail,
Thanks for reading and commenting! Yeah,he's a pretty cute puppy. Hell on wheels, but cute:)

scent w x said...

hello thank you for writing you not the only one who is reading your blog i read your blog sometime, keep up the good work, i'm ferfumer i enjoy reading anything about scents.

Gail S said...

Hi Scent w x,
Thanks for reading and commenting! Most of the time I figure I'm just talking to myself, but that's okay too :) In future, I will try to talk more about actual perfumes instead of just, you know, junk!