Friday, February 23, 2007

Iris, Iris, Iris.......

Me and iris, we're having us a rumble. I just don't know what to make of this note, and my brain has fallen back on pseudo-science to make sense of it. Iris smells incomplete to me. There seems to be something scooped-out, or hollow, about it. I keep conjuring up this mental picture of an antigen-antibody reaction. Iris would be the antigen floating about looking for its' mate (the antibody). In some perfumes, i.e. Chanel No.19; 24,Fauborg; Baghari; Fragonard Grain de Soleil, etc....iris apparently doesn't offend my sense of completeness at all. In others such as Iris Silver Mist (I'm sorry! Please don't throw me out of the blogworld!) and Iris Poudre, I keep wanting to add something, anything...?

I went searching on Osmoz and found that the ones I like all contain jasmine and three of them have orange blossom and bergamot as well. So, in a MASSIVE leap of...something, I have decided that the indolic scents of jasmine and orange blossom are my iris antibodies! Hey, I just made this connection as I was typing this! Five minutes ago, I thought maybe I just didn't like iris in the top notes, but it was okay in the middle or base. But I like my new idea better. And it's interesting because I don't really care much for jasmine or orange blossom alone or even as predominant notes. Apparently I don't like indole that much either. We actually use indole as a reagent in microbiology, if anyone cares. It's one of the reactions (positive or negative) used to differentiate and thus identify bacteria. I have no idea what the relationship is between that indole and the indole in jasmine and orange blossom. New research project maybe?

On a related note, here is a picture of my perfume critics.
They are long-haired Chihuahuas. The black one is named Stanley and belongs to my daughter and the blonde one is Poo and he's my baby. Anytime I put perfume on, both of them come running to sniff my wrists. And they have definite preferences! Of course, being dogs, they love musk. Anything that has a good dose of musk gets licked right off. Which is strange, come to think of it. Surely perfume doesn't taste good (except for the Dessert line, and please...we don't go there). And they seem to like those indolic smells too. Dare I say it may be the poo-poo accord?

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