Saturday, February 3, 2007

Mother - Daughter Perfumes

By mother-daughter perfumes, I don't mean that we put on the same scent and our matching Lilly Pulitzer pants and parade about in public. And no, we don't actually have matching wild print pants :) My child is almost as nuts about perfume as I am. She isn't compelled to seek out perfumes which have never been seen or smelled in these parts, but she must be wearing perfume at all times. This leads her to carrying at least two bottles of perfume in her purse which I am convinced will lead to an unfortunate-smelling incident at some point.

So, on to my point. Our taste in perfume is not identical and not always compatible. Dear child is a HUGE fan of violet scents. One of her favorites is Violetta di Parma. This is a rather uncomplicated, not terribly sweet violet (duh!) scent. Not sure if it's a soliflore, but it might be.
She can't go anywhere with me when she's wearing it, especially when going involves travelling in the car. Doesn't matter what I'm wearing, all I can smell coming from her when combined with my perfume, is a sour sweaty smell. I don't know how this happens, because truthfully, violets don't smell sweaty or sour. But somehow, when combined with ANY other scent, that's what it turns into. Any idea how that happens?

Now this is really surprising to me, but you know what goes wonderfully with any perfume? Chinatown by Bond No. 9. Yes, you read that right, Chinatown. This is DC's current absolute favorite. This perfume is loud, brash and I would never have expected it to play nicely with others. It blends beautifully with any of my ambery, floral, fruity or anything else perfumes. And foods! OMG! Take Chinatown to an Italian restaurant if you want to start salivating. Garlic with Chinatown is heaven! It's really good with curry too. I can't wear Chinatown myself because all the top and middle notes are gone within about ten minutes and I'm left wearing patchouli for approximately twelve hours. But the kid's welcome on any trip outfitted in this.

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