Sunday, February 18, 2007

Saved by TiVo

I'll start out with an attempt to talk perfume, because that's why I started this. Right??? But I have come to realize that I know nothing, so I just blather. Last night I wore Baghari by Robert Piguet and it might very well be full bottle worthy. Because....I smell fabulous, if I do say so myself. I lack the skills to adequately describe this perfume. It seems very well balanced because I really can't pick out all the listed notes, which I will not go into. If you want to read a review by someone who actually knows her stuff, please go to Bois de Jasmin for what I really meant to say. To me, it smells kind of incense-y, but I notice that there is no incense listed. This is just right for someone who wants to wear an incense perfume but doesn't actually like incense. You know, like white Zinfandel being the wine for people who don't really like wine? Yeah, I don't like wine either. What a philistine.... But seriously, this is veerrrrrry nice.

Now on to something else to blather about. I woke up yesterday to the realization that I am going to hell. Or at least, my TiVo thinks so. Some background....back in August, I purchased a TiVo. The upcoming fall TV season looked interesting and I go to work at 8:30 p.m. and my daughter has dance classes and a fairly active social life. So TiVo seemed to be the answer as far as actually getting to see some of these shows that looked good. The TV in the living room was quite a few years old and lacked a place to attach this newfangled contraption, so we put TiVo in the kids' room. I have a desktop computer, printer and laptop set up in a wireless network, so we just added TiVo to it and named him Bob, because it's much easier to type. For various reasons which are too stupid to go into here, we got a second TiVo right before Christmas. He went in my room and is named George.

Yes, that George. He sits right on top of my TV. Unfortunately, he doesn't look quite as good in person as in pictures. But I love him anyway. Anyway, if you are familiar with TiVo, it randomly records things that it thinks you might like based on what you have recorded in the past. It also has a page with "Suggestions" for upcoming shows which it will record if you don't stop it. I happened to wake up a couple of times yesterday and noticed that George was recording. So when I actually got up, I checked it out, and George had recorded 5 hours of religious programming! Not historical shows about religious figures or the religions themselves, but those 30-minute shows where someone sits on a couch and talks about how we're all going to hell unless we let Jaaaaysus into our lives and hearts. Now, I don't want to get into any kind of religious discussion here, but these people irritate the crap out of me. And here they were recorded on my George! So then I got to looking at the suggestions page and there were Four! Full! Pages! of upcoming religious shows ready to be recorded! That's just crazy!

Since my life is an open book, here is a list of the things I have recorded on my George.

1. Prison Break

2. Heroes

3. Battlestar Galactica

4. CSI


What do we suppose in that list gave George the idea that I wanted to watch Creflo Dollar? And then I had another epiphany. Two days ago, my network suddenly told me that a new TiVo had joined. Until then, it had been unable to tell that there were TWO TiVo's connected, it just thought there was one. Now it knows that there are two, and suddenly I can see Bob on George and the kid can see George on Bob and we can transfer recordings between them over the network. So maybe George actually thinks the kid is going to hell. Or that I'm going to hell for raising the kid. Or.....I'm not really sure. I don't think George likes me all that much. I used to have a Season Pass for Top Chef too, but he recorded every single show on The Food Network for 24 solid hours. I deleted Top Chef , because really, it's not even on the Food Network and I don't like cooking. Once he recorded a TVGuide channel close up on Jude Law. Noooo idea what that was about. Maybe showing that he's not afraid of a little competition? We need to work on our communication skills. I'm not sure I can sleep well in the same room as George knowing how he feels about me.


Anonymous said...
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Patty said...

Tivo is a mystery to me. I finally turned off that automatic recording thing where it was picking things it thought I might like, just got way too creepy! :)

Gail S said...

I didn't know I could turn that off! WooHoo...George is about to get his tailfeathers plucked! Because quite frankly, I have enough episodes of Star Trek Enterprise and America's Ballroom Challenge that he's recorded already to last me for years.